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The Cricketers

This is the story about the West Indies Cricket Team and the challenges they face on and off the field.They must overcome great odds in order to complete their quest, to become World Cup cricket champions.

The Team
Albert Othello Glenn
Executive Producer

Othello Glenn, trained in theater arts, has worked as an associate producer with the Shooting Gallery Production Company on several motion pictures: Drunks, Comfortably Numb and “Sling Blade”, nominated for two Academy Awards. Othello has also worked in front of the camera as an actor; a short list of his work includes the motion picture Sugar Hill, Boomerang. My Brother, recurring roles on television shows New York Undercover and Law & Order, in addition to national billboard and ad campaigns for Burger King Coors, and Christian Brothers. Othello recently worked as a Board Member on the mega hit TV show Empire. Albert Othello Glenn is the creator and author of the “The Cricketers”.

Troy Simon

Troy has worked in production from the early 1990’s, where he worked in program development and as a producer / director for an independent television studio (Heritage Networks), producing segments for several nationally syndicated programs. Morerecently, Troy also has twelve years of experience in advertising with agencies such as the Uniworld Group and Universal McCann working on several key corporate/national accounts: Burger King, AT&T and Coca-Cola. Troy worked on ad media campaigns and oversaw placement for ethnic ad spot markets throughout the country. In his tenure with Universal McCann, Troy was the National Supervisor for Ethnic Group Marketing/ Distribution where he negotiated ad schedules, increased product placement opportunities for Coca-Cola on networks including BET, Telemundo, Univision and Gala vision, in addition to managing budgets up to $125MM per campaign. Troy was also responsible for managing media in “Special Events” including the Olympics and various International World Cup events where he headed up Hispanic and African-American media negotiations.

Scot Sardinha

Scot Sardinha is the epitome of a true creative. He was born and raised on the Caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago. After finishing high school in Trinidad, he left there and studied at a university in France, as well as, in the US, graduating with a B.A. in Fine Arts. However, his ability to create is not limited to one medium or genre.

He has explored many facets in the creative realmpainting, sculpture, interior design, production design, producing, as well as, furniture design. He has lived and worked in Miami, Atlanta, Cape Cod, New Jersey, New York and LA, but always returns home to his native Trinidad. As a surfer and naturalist, Scot was inspired by his surroundings both by the land and the rich multi cultural traditions and festivals they celebrate in Trinidad and Tobago. From an early age he explored the many aspects of what his culture offered through the carnival and many other cultural festivals that surrounded him. This led to producing parties and events in Trinidad and assisting with the production of a carnival mass band. Scot got involved with the building and production design of sets when he moved to LA along with his furniture and interior designs he was doing with wife and business partner for their company Modern Earth Home. He has worked with the likes of Snoop Dogg on many occasions and received production design credits on the movie “ Mac & Devon Go To High School “ with Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg. He has also worked with T-pain, Warren G, Shannon Dorothy, Jose James and a host of others. Scot also art directed some commercials and served as a creative consultant on a

few productions.

Brad (Vic) Vargovick

Brad started his professional career in automotive and consumer electronics during the early 1990’s. He graduated in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan where he worked as an engineer and then product marketing manager at Motorola.  After furthering his studies and obtaining an MBA in International Marketing Brad graduated to Program Managing large scale complex systems and products in the entertainment and gaming space. Brad has over 20 years experience managing large multi-discipline technical teams, and over the last 7 years has been managing both technical and creative teams launching state-of-the-art world class “Tent-Pole” slot machines for Scientific Games with such high valued and well-known licenses such as Willy Wonka, James Bond and Monopoly.  In this role, Brad manages resources up to $25MM per year and integrates multiple cross-functional schedules into one cohesive plan leading to production and launch. Brad is an actor, writer and producer and graduated from Chicago’s Second City Acting School. He writes for and acts in TV and Film productions throughout the Chicago and Milwaukee area.

Peter Moss 
asc acs
Director of Photography

Peter Moss’s photographic persona was formed in Australia, rising through a formal apprenticeship in the camera department on feature films and commercials to become a leading Director of Photography in that country, with credits on seminal Australian classics such as “Breaker Morant” and “My Brilliant Career” (among many others) and shooting award winning commercials for major clients including Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, Levi’s,

Air New Zealand, Malaysian Airlines, Revlon, Dior and others.

Peter’s work was noticed in the U.S.and he began to shoot both feature films and commercials in the American market eventually moving to Los Angeles on a permanent basis. Alongside his feature film career he was able to launch a career as a very successful commercial director/director of photography. He has directed and shot award winning national advertising in the U.S.A. for American Airlines, Sears, Gillette, Miller Beer, Shell, Anheuser Busch, Labatt Beer, Avis, Esso, Toyota, JC Penney, Chevrolet and many many others, including campaigns for Italy (Ferrero Rocher, Avena, Chivas Regal), Thailand (Thai Farmers Bank) and New Zealand (NZ Tourism and Air New Zealand).


He has garnered directing and cinematography awards in many festivals including: The Clio Awards, The New York International Film Festival, The London International Film Festival, The Hollywood International Broadcast Awards, The Chicago Film Festival, The Eastman Kodak Award, The Houston International Film Festival and the Venice Film Festival.

Peter is now focusing more on his original craft, purely as a Director of Photography, both on commercials and in the feature film and television world. He has just finished post production on “Tell the World” a period film about hope and disappointment in the American 19th century which he shot in Canada, and completed principal photography on the Berlin sequences of “Race”, a feature film about the 1936 Olympics starring Jeremy Irons, just released in the U.S. and Europe.

Before that he photographed “The Johnsons” a dark Australian comedy and “E.C.3” a British TV pilot shot in London and last year some TV work on “House of Lies” and “Ray Donovan” for Showtime.

Floyd Reifer
Coach Ex West Indies Captain

Floyd Reifer first made his debut at the age of 19 for Barbados in 1992. A prolific batsman known of his hard hitting and technical skill, Floyd was instrumental in winning many matches for his country at first class level. In 1997, he was selected for the West Indies team and later in 2000. 2000 - 2005, Floyd played on the professional circuit in the UK. He was selected to play for Scotland in 2003. Floyd retired from the Barbados team in 2006 and joined the University of the West Indies cricket program as coach and player. He immediately made a tremendous impact on the program. Earning the respect of his charges, he has been able to mold many young players who have gone on to represent national teams across the Caribbean and West Indies teams. In 2007, Floyd joined the Combined Campuses & Colleges regional first class team as coach/ player. This team of college students along with their coach demonstrated to the region the importance of linking academics and sports; gaining the respect of territorial teams and even reaching the finals of the WICB regional competition, twice over a four year period. In 2009, Floyd captained the West Indies Cricket Team against Bangladesh and was afforded the honor of captaining the team in the 2009 ICC Champions Trophy. As Head Cricket Coach of the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, Floyd continues to provide generations of cricketers at University with a nurturing environment for them to develop their skills while pursuing academic qualifications. Floyd holds an English Cricket Board (ECB) Level 2 and Australian Cricket board (ACB) Level 3 coaching qualification. A member of the Australian cricket coaching fraternity, Floyd utilizes the network of expert coaching offered, to advance his cricket program. As a high performance cricket coach, he believes in instilling discipline, respect and team work within his cricket program. Floyd possesses a wealth of knowledge of the game and has demonstrated an ability to empower and motivate in order that those he coaches, realize their fullest potential.


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