The Cricketers

"The Cricketers” is not just a feature motion picture about sporting
endeavour, it is an oracle of life, the challenges we face, the sacrifices
to success, hardships we encounter, choices we make, our faith and
belief in ourselves and of those who depend upon us, the gallantry and
chivalry, the honour of wearing a cap that represents a nation’s heart and
soul, transposed upon the sporting battle field in a dramatic context of
endeavour, where there is no excuses and no second prize.


It will salute past heroes and present combatants from proud cricketing
nations: West Indies, Australia, India, England and others, pay homage
to the father of modern-day cricket, Kerry Packer, who turned part time
athletes in white flannel into millionaire, Armani-suited, global sporting idols, as the battle looms for supremacy in the boardrooms, bedrooms and on the pitch. The courage the team displays to reach the finals.